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You re facing an unexpected situation and you must make choices but you know you don’t have the full picture of wharfs really going on. Licensed private investigators Detecta gives you the opportunity to gather matters and facts through it’s actions( public search, administrative and commerciale inquiry, etc.) to make the best decision then.

Operational all over Belgium

We are operational throughout Belgium. With our experience of 15 years in the field, we offer a precise and efficient service. Our clients, whether they are individuals or company managers, have, through our surveys, obtained useful and necessary information for their files.


We provide various services depending on your problem

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Our clients are advised and advised through our actions of private detectives so that they benefit from a complete view of their problematic and that their decisions are the most effective.

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We support our customers in decision-making so that they have all the necessary elements to make the best choices. The private investigator acts in kindness.

The job of private investigator

The terminology of “private detective” should gradually disappear in favor of the word “private investigator”. Our legislator intends to adapt the law of 1991 organizing the profession of private detective. The new law will now speak of “the private investigator” who will act when the client has a justified interest. While today the private investigator works for a “legitimate purpose”.

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Our main office is located at 114 Observatory Avenue at 1180 BRUSSELS.

Ministerial Private Investigator Authorisation: Lic 14.0365.11

In addition, we travel regularly all over Belgium: Here is a list of addresses to which we can meet:

  • Charleroi / Namur / Antwerp / Ghent / Liège / Leuven / Mons / Tournai / Kortrijk / Hasselt / …

In recent years the technological means have improved and miniaturized. Watch objects are now available easily in the trade or on the internet. Private detectives often find that your smartphone has a wealth of information about you and someone who has access to it easily, could also monitor you even when you move. Let’s not forget that your messages and emails could be read there if your PIN is found. That’s why we insist that our clients must be cautious and vigilant when they come in contact with the private investigator in order to remain discreet.